Mommy Headquarters……

Our old house came with a built in desk. It was mostly a home for neglected items. Yet, it was still a desk. And it was always a disaster. So when we moved I found myself desk-less & in need of a lifestyle change when it came to managing my home.

With my husband being gone six months out of the year, all responsibility has fallen on me. In the beginning, I really struggled to feel as if I had things under control. Kids. Bills. Dinner. Laundry. Church. Tires. It came to a point where it was sink or swim……things were gonna fall apart if I didn’t CHANGE something.Change was my only option.

I have committed myself 100% to making over that part of my lifestyle; to improving the skills that make me a good wife & mother; to getting a strong grip on my responsibilities & everyday tasks instead of running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

So I started my journey to improvement & with rapid speed my life has changed!

Which brings me to the subject of “Mommy Headquarters”! This is the first in a series of blogs to be written about projects throughout my
“transformation” into the mother & wife of a happy & organized home. Enjoy!

My wonderful mother in law gave me this really cool antique secretary’s desk, that she was no longer able to use. I thought it was a really cool piece of furniture, and knew that there was a better way that I could be using it. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Then, out of nowhere one day a lightbulb went off! And BOOM! I embarked on my project to turn this old desk into Mommy HQ.


You may be wondering what the hell a Mommy HQ is. In our house, it is basically the motherboard of all things important. Bills, budgets, coupons, mail, important number, recipes, meal plans, calendars, chargers, keys, & the diaper bag will all be found in my Mommy HQ. Some people may call an area like this a “drop zone”, but something about Headquarters just makes it sound important. Lol.

Here’s what I used to get started


And here is my finished project:

20131123-002507.jpg<br /

20131123-002529.jpg<br /

The aloe vera plant has been looking for a new home since we moved, and the lamp is great because of it storage & extra electrical outlet it provides. I use the outlet for my printer when I'm working.

20131123-002638.jpg<br /

This silver bowl is a gift from our wedding. It is perfect right at the door for tossing in keys & change.


I was really digging the hot pink! When I got married I silently agreed to give up pink. No man wants to live in a house full of pink. But since this is Mommy HQ, & I AM the mommy……. This hot pink charging station caught my eye at target. It works perfectly for storing chargers for my phone, nook, and laptop. The small lower drawer is where I keep a quick list of emergency numbers.


Both the right & left sides hold all sorts of important things! My Home Management Binders, Banking Binder, recipes, & you basic desk “tools”.



The built in mail slots are amazing. I made labels for them to assist in organization. The fact the whole thing closes up and isn’t an eye sore makes it even sweeter!





And so there it is! Talk about a major improvement! WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR METHODS OF KEEPING YOUR FAMILY ORGANIZED????

Be sure to check in soon for more posts about being organized and keeping a happy home!


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