November….. a Month of Thanks…. Creativity

Today I am thankful for being blessed with creativity. I have always been artsy, if I can make it myself, I will. My creativity is such a large part of who I am. What would I be without it?

I think I owe a lot of thanks to my mother, who always encouraged my creative side. In fact, her laundry room became the craft storage room when I was a child. We were always painting, gluing, coloring, or making jewelry. And I truly believe that because of her I am able to express this part of me so well.

My mind is constantly looking for projects; things I can make and design. I have been blessed with the ability to not only look at something for what it is, but look at and see what it can become. I call it vision.

When I am stressed or upset about something I am able to throw myself into a project and take out those frustrations on it. Usually ending in some pretty cool thing.

A few days ago, while thrifting, I came across this huge rack of really funky neck ties for CHEAP!!!!! And they were pretty much all awesome prints and colors. You know, the ties us women pick out. The ones that we think are really pretty & stylish, but most members of the male species wouldn’t be caught dead in. So, we buy them for our men, and they wind up at a thrift shop somewhere just waiting to be created into something new. I went ahead and decided to buy a few (ok , a bunch) of them and got to thinking as soon as I got home. I couldn’t wait to get started. I could feel the creative juices pumping through my veins just dying to be released.

What I came up with, was nothing short of what I consider to be pretty freakin awesome!



I just can’t get enough of it! How cool would it be to take two ties that belonged to someone special to you: grandpa, dad, husband; and turn it into someone beautiful that you can actually wear and keep close to your heart.

Talk about a conversation piece. I’ve only worn it out the house once, but I’ve had at least 10 people stop to ask me about it. It really makes you feel good in your soul when you receive complements on something you created yourself.

“Creativity is not the funding of a thing, but the making of something after it is found.” – James Russell Lowell

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.” – Steve Jobs

I will never be able to be thankful enough, for the gift I was created with. It is who I am, burned into my soul, without it I would be lost.


Novemeber……A Month of Thanks…..November 4, 2013

Today I was reminded to be thankful for modern technology. It has advance so quickly during the last serval years, making it difficult for many of us to imagine life without it. People would be lost without their cell phones, not to mention what they would do if they couldn’t get am internet signal.  Today, I will be focusing on the positives.


My husband recently took a new job. That new job requires him to travel overseas to Africa, where he works on a rig, 40 miles off the coast. Many people look at me and think i must be crazy: letting my husband travel halfway around the world for months at a time, leaving me to take care of everything while he is gone (including two babies). Who knows? Maybe I am. But I know one thing is for sure, and that is that technology makes it so much easier to have to be apart from him. I am still able to stay in contact with him on a daily basis.

30 years ago, who would have thought we would even have the capability to send one single email? Much less, video chat with a man on the other side of the world through an internet connection. Probably not very many. Yet here we are, surpassing in the highest expectations of people years ago.

It really is such a priveledge to be able to contact him in a moments notice when I’m having a bad or just want to chat. I am able to send him high quality photos of our kids in a split second with nothing more than the touch of a button. It’s taken for granted so easily, but there was a time when a hand written letter would have been the only way to keep in touch with a distant friend or family member.

Talking to my husband in Africa today, reminded me just how thankful I am for the technology that has been, and will continue to be, developed during my lifetime. No one ever enjoys being away from someone that they love. It does however make it easier knowing that you’ll always be able to Skype them while they are away. And for that, we can thank technology.

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